Sunday, 23 June 2013

Creative To Use Old Things

In our life, there are a lot of reusable things around us, included they are broken or old and somethings even they cannot function anymore like computer, old racket, old luggage, even the broken door and more. Although they look unremarkable and useless, actually they are be reuse and useful. We can use them to make them become another things. This activity is green and save money. Besides that, it's not only can increase our environmental awareness, this is also a good way to let us be creative and increase our creativity sense.

Turn an old piano into an outdoor water fountain

 Old luggage become toilet mirror cabinet

CPU casing become mailbox

Old small refrigerator turn into cupboard

Old tennis racket combined with mirror become one of the house decoration

Old bottle,cup, glass or plastic container turn into the lamp cover

Old broken door turn into the cosmetic mirror

There are hundred or thousand of ideas to explore them. Only if we use our brain to think about it and everyone can be a creative person.

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