Monday, 10 June 2013

Quirky Toy Pictures

Toys can be great still life subjects, especially if you treat them like little humans. Photos of toys are like diorama photos, only quirkier, with monsters and robots instead of tiny people. 
Rather than waiting for a scene you've imagined to happen, you can use Erin Tyner’s Half Awake series as inspiration and create a diorama of the moment you wish to capture.


The inspiration for Half Awake is rooted in my lifelong love of storytelling as well as my background in human sciences. Working in a miniature scale allows me to depict a range of complex emotions in a playful manner.

Diorama Photography by Erin Tyner

Patrick Andrew Adams

Photographer Patrick Andrews Adams expertly shows how small toys can be brilliant characters in a photo narrative. In addition to taking interesting photos, he often writes titles that add depth or character to the situation and toy subjects, much like a photojournalist illuminating a picture with text. Patrick Andrews Adams usually using shallow photography technique to present his works. He captures the nowadays modern times and creative photography.

 Bob (the bunny)

 Zeke the Zen Panda

 I can slides down
 HI!! I told you i don’t want a pet!!
 the right ninja… the wrong ninja outfit…
 sweet jump 
Death FTW (for the win)

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