Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Doraemon is a one of my favorite comic or manga during my primary and secondary school. Doraemon Japanese manga created by Fujiko Fujio. The manga has many chapter of short story in every volume and it also has long story of manga The manga is about an intelligent robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy, Nobita Nobi

Nobita Nobi who is a boy always wear glasses, yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue shorts. He is lazy and always bullied classmates Gian and Suneo. Although he always bullied by both of them, but he still always together with them and treat them as his friends. Everytime Nobita Nobi has troubles, he always ask Doraemon for help. Doraemon always borrow him a props to help him to solve the problem, but in the end, he will screwed it or make another trouble because of he very playful and wanted to show off his props to his friends.

Doraemon is a interesting and creative manga. The Doraemon's artist,Fujiko Fujio created many props or "magic item" which can be take from his "babolat  bag". Doraemon always take out different kind of props from his babolat bag in the every chapter. Sometimes his props will repeated use but is different story line.

Doraemon has many kind of props or tools in his babolat bag. Example,Dokodemo Door,a door which allows travel to anywhere by simply going through the door, Air Cannon,a gun barrel worn on the arm used to fire a powerful burst of air which can knock out the victim when the user says “bang” and Take- Copter, tiny suction cup which can be attached to enable flight and has a short battery life. Sometime I think if these props or tools are real exist that my life will become so fun and easier. Most of the tools are really too fantasy and impossible like Small Light, is a lamp similar to a flashlight that will shrink objects and people to minuscule sizes.but I believe some tools maybe will exist in the future. 

In the Doraemon manga,maybe you will thinks these tools are very useful or helpful in our daily life, but if they really exist in our reality life, I believe people will become lazier, even they will use these to get their benefits and do unethical behavior, example people can use the Dokodemo Door to rob the bank. People will rely the tools to do somethings and become lazier. Do you these props will be controlled if they really exist? For my answer is no.

By the way, Doraemon just a manga created by an artist and something that created beyond our imagination. Doraemon also bring a good fantasy imagination to our childhood memories. 

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