Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wei-Ling Gallery- Malaysian Contemporary Arts

Wei Ling Gallery was set up in May 2002 to showcase the works of Malaysian contemporary artists. Wei-Ling Gallery is located at 8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur and Wei-Ling Contemporary is loacted at Ground Floor, Gardens Mall.

I went to Wei-Ling Gallery at Brickfields few days ago. There are a lot of artworks were display in the Wei Ling Gallery. I did not understand most of the art and some are not really appreciate on their artwork but some artwork are quite interesting for me.
The titile of this painting is call Waiting for the Moon. There are four Muslims in the painting and you can see few different type of moons on top which like a process of moon changing the view. If you see closely, you will see a "Twisties" on the top left corner. Twisties is a popular crunchy corn snack available in cheese, chicken, barbecue, tomatoes and eventually "kari" flavour. I don't know why the artist added the Twisties on top, but I believe maybe he wanted to present the hidden meaning. Maybe he is there a gap or relationship between Twisties and Muslims ?? 

There are some Indelible Markings. It's Working with a variety of mixed media, he drips and splashes the medium onto the canvas in a seemingly random manner. His canvases exude an ethereal mood that is both abstract and poetic at the same time.

This painting is call 'Fall'. I can understand because it is obviously that we can see there is a person seem like falling from the 'sky'.

This painting is call 'Mother'. I really don't know why is painting call 'Mother', is my art sense not enough or artist too "pro"? This painting is too abstract. I can't get it what does it mean.Actually there were still have many abstract painting I did't not understand...
 Kedai Hiburan (Who let the black dog out II)                    Kedai Hiburan (Who let the black dog out III)

This painting is finished by an artist, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed. The theme was came from "Toys".
This painting seem a bit racist? ><

By the way, this art gallery actually gave me a lot of inspiration. I think I'll use, exert them in my works although I not understand what they wanted to mean or represent.

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