Monday, 29 July 2013

Who Am I

I am Anonymous.
I am twenty years old. 
I am a student, an eldest brother, a son, a friend.

I am confident of being self-conscious
But self-conscious of being confident.

I fought with myself for so many years
Sometimes I don't know what I fight for
Is that all for repay the parents of grace?
Or fight for my own goals?

Some think that I'm strong and confident
Actually I've a lot of worries.
Sometimes I care too much what others think
I wish I could be how I want to be
When I want to be. 

I love life
Because there are so much to see and do.
I hate life
Because it's bound to end.

I hate when people make fun of me 
Saying that I'm dark skin like Indian
No matter what, I'll still think I am.
People say that I'm " emo"
Just because of the music I listen to.
They think I'm selfish 
Because I won't let them in.

They don't think the rumors torture me
Because I block them out. 
They don't think the whispers hurt
Because I pretend I hear nothing. 
They don't think the stares burn
Because I act like I don't see them.
One of my worst fears is lonely.
Music is one of the things that keeps me calm.
Life is too short.
I'd rather stay up with friends.
The most important thing in my life right now
My friends.
We play, laugh, cry, fight, talk.
We live life to the fullest.
I know them better than myself.
They know me better than I do.

My name is Anonymous
I don't know who I am,
Do you?

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